Dr Babita Panda is a renowned infertility specialist and gynaecologist. She is the Chief Infertility & IVF Consultant of Future Fertility IVF, Bhubaneswar.
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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

It's a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where processed sperm..

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In Vitro Fertilisation

It's a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where sperm and egg ..

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Laser Hatching

It's a technology used to make holes in the zona pellucida of the fertilised embryo..

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Embryo Freezing

It's a method of CRYO preservation in which surplus embryos are ..

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The objective behind this activity is to educate the female patient/couple ..

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Semen Freezing

Here we preserve the seminal fluid of the male partner to be used ..

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Donor Insemination

We have the facility for SPERM Bank, which we source from an ..

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Other Services

We Also Provide

Consultation OPD

We collect detailed patient history, examine her and advise subsequently further course of action needed.

Semen Analysis

This is to evaluate the quality of sperm and its functionality in the human body.

TVS Ultrasound

Evaluation of female reproductive organs like UTERUS & OVARIES.

Follicular Monitoring

Measurement of growth of Graafian Follicle and ovulatory changes in uterus and ovaries.

Sperm Morphology / Function Test

Detailed analysis of shape of sperm and its functionality.

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